| Competitive Shopping at its Finest

Watch your savings grow with the number one competitive shopping and entertainment auction. Save up to 95% off retail prices.


If you could push a magic button that gave you awesome discounts on today’s most popular products, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?

The folks here at sure would – which is why we created this website! is designed to give you the thrill of getting great products at even better prices, all while you shop in the same exciting environment that you would get in a live auction house – only, you don’t have to leave your house to do it.  You can experience everything that has to offer while you sit in your PJ’s (just don’t send us any pictures of you in your PJ’s, please!)

You also don’t have to be “rich” to shop on  Every day, our goal is to sell awesome products to anyone who’s savvy enough to beat out other members – and beat the clock.  Our winners are winners because of their bidding strategy, not because they have more to spend than everyone else.

Unlike other penny auction sites, is totally legitimate.  We hate scammers as much as you do!  We’re not out to just make a quick buck off you like so many of those other sites are.  Instead, the staff at is passionate about giving back.  That’s why we give a portion of our profits to third-world charities and environmental-related causes (bet you were wondering where the “Leaf” in came from!)

So, when you place bids on our website, you’re not lining the pockets of a bunch of Fat Cats… you’re actually bidding for a better planet – and winning some great stuff in the process!


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