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3 Tips to Winning an Online Auction

Timing is your key to winning!

If you want to win big here at, you don’t just have to beat out other members; you also have to know how to work the clock.  While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be a winner, we can offer you some advice to help you along the way.

First things first – when should you place your bids?
Your timing will depend on the specific product you’re bidding on and even on the time of day.  At different times during the day, you’ll see the number of bids skyrocketing – while at other times, there may not be very much bid activity.  If you want to cut down on your competition, look for times when things are slow – and pounce!

Remember, to win auctions here at BidLeaf, you will need to be the very last bidder.  But that doesn’t mean you should just go around hitting “bid” when there’s one second left.  Place your bids with at least 5 seconds left on the clock.  If you wait any longer, your bid may not register – and you’ll be a big loser!

Ideally, you should be one of the very first bidders, so that you can assert your auction dominance right from the beginning.  Showing up in the middle of an auction looks wishy-washy, so if you find an auction in progress that you like, wait until the end and swoop in out of nowhere… The other members won’t know what hit them!

You’ll need to focus on counteracting other bidders.  If the bidding is moving fast and furious, you’ll need to bid on a regular basis, so make sure your clicking finger is warmed up!  If you’re lucky enough to be in a “slow” auction, you may only need to place a couple of bids to be a winner.

But timing is nothing without the right strategy!
Just like you wouldn’t walk onto the field for the Super Bowl without a game plan, you shouldn’t go into auctions on without a strategy.

So, how do you come up with the right strategy?
Start by looking at closed auctions for items that interest you, and see how many bids it took to win.  That way, when a similar item pops up on the auction block, you’ll have some background information to work with.  Consider it to be your “scouting report”.

Should you take part in more than one auction at a time?
Lots of people sign up here at, jump right into a ton of auctions, and wind up losing all of them.  We know, with all of the cool stuff we have to offer, it can be tempting to bid on 10 different things at once, but it’s not the wisest move.

If you’re just starting out in the online auction world, stick to one auction at a time to get your feet wet.  Once you become more of a rock star, you can start multitasking and taking on the thrill of multiple auctions.

One important thing to remember – having the best strategy means not being predictable.  You’ll have to change up your strategy every now and then, so that other members won’t know what to expect!

Remember, money talks
Sure, having the right game plan is important, but you’ll also need enough money to outbid everyone else!

At, you have to buy bids before you can take part in an auction.  With packages as low as 49 cents per bid, our bids are totally affordable, AND a portion of all of our profits goes directly to environmental and third-world charities – so feel free to buy away!  If you want to make the most out of your bid buying, look for our Bid Pack Auctions.  They run all day long, and they’re perfect for getting bids at discounted rates!

So, how much should you spend on each auction?
Since you have to buy bids in advance, you’ll have to spend wisely.  How much you decide to spend is up to you.  And, remember, the last thing you want is to run out of bids right in the middle of an awesome auction!

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